Child Behaviour Support For Parents & Schools in Bristol and Somerset

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I am a Child Behaviour Support Specialist with many years’ experience and success in guiding adults to effectively manage common behavioural problems in children and teenagers, both at home and in school.

"Mandy Stopard is exceptional. Her help and advice has been life changing for us...."

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If you require specialist help to teach your youngsters to:

  • do as they are asked straight away
  • accept boundaries without arguing
  • calmly go to bed (and stay there)
  • peacefully play with other children
  • manage frustration and anger
  • be more confident
  • develop other social or emotional skills,

I will work with you, using proven methods, to improve your child’s behaviour as well as giving tips on how to connect with your child.

Child Behaviour Support For Schools

I support staff to engage children and young people to help with temporary problems with behaviour, child anxiety about school or cases where there are recognised special educational needs (SEMHD). I provide a fresh pair of eyes to find solutions, kick start progress and reduce incidents of poor behaviour within the school environment.

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I provide parenting support across North Somerset, covering Weston Super Mare, Bristol and further afield. Please get in touch to talk through your needs and for a quote.

8 Lockdown Homeschooling Tips

Aim to relax, cut yourself some slack, and try to be realistic about what can be achieved. It’s impossible to replicate school and probably not good for anyone.  A stressed educator who tries to cram too much in and push a child against their will won’t get great results.