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Testimonials from Parents

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‘’My husband and I tried all we knew to get our 3-year-old twin boys to behave and listen. After our first session with Mandy, we started following some simplest and easiest way of getting our kids to behave without losing control over the situation…

Since we changed our approach towards our kids, one of them says ‘I love you’ so many times in a day. 

Thank you very much for your help, Mandy!’’

‘’I’m a mummy from Co Tyrone Northern Ireland.

I have a beautiful 3 1/2 year old boisterous confident little daughter whom I just wanted to understand why the tantrums were why they were. And what I could do to fix them without the usual shouting. Baby number 2 came along 7 months ago and that’s where we both had massive changes in our lives.

I contacted Mandy late one night, and the very next morning she got in touch. No pressure was influenced, I asked for a service I paid for it I got excellent guidance and advice. No judgment or criticism, It was lovely. It was all done via telephone/email/WhatsApp and it suited me greatly.

Immediately as I introduced the new things there was a noticeable difference in her behaviour, and we don’t shout now very little 🙂

We are back to our before selves and we both understand each other in how our minds work now.

Worth every penny Mandy 🙂 Thank you’’

We’re parents to a 4 year old girl and was having really stressful problems with her. I decided to get help as life was pretty much becoming unbearable and the situation could not go on. I happened to find Mandy online and was impressed with what I read.

We had a chat with Mandy and it was clear that it was our parenting methods that needed help, not so much our daughters behaviour… first time parents who were completely out of our depth. Due to Covid we had face to face phone meetings and this worked really well for us as we could fit it in around work quite easily.

Mandy helped us to understand that different approach was needed, she helped teach us new ways to deal with issues. It’s still a work in progress and we still have meltdowns, but we are so much better equipped to deal with these now and slowly slowly life is getting better and our house is a happier home.

We would thoroughly recommend Mandy, at all times she was really supportive and never criticised us.

There is help out there and as parents we don’t have to suffer in silence, I know I was really worried about being thought of as a bad parent for needing help. Really glad we took the plunge.

Our 8 year old has had great difficulty falling asleep in the last 7 months. It culminated in her being too afraid to sleep in her own bed over Christmas and frequent night wakings. We tried many things and were constantly trying to troubleshoot. Feeling fraught, frazzled, frustrated and incredibly unconfident in our parenting abilities we could no longer see the wood for the trees.

Our night time battles were seeping into our daily lives and affecting our family interactions and moods. It was at this point we consulted Mandy who had been highly recommended by a friend. We met with Mandy and she listened from a caring, understanding and non-judgemental place. Mandy explained the reasons behind our daughter’s night time behaviours which changed our perception of the situation and helped us to be more patient, empathetic and understanding. Then together with Mandy and our daughter we set up a very positive, gentle and achievable sleep program.

It was broken down into small, manageable steps and within days of implementing the program we have seen a huge change in bedtimes and our daughter’s anxiety levels. She has been falling asleep contentedly and staying asleep through the night. She is so much happier during the day as a result. Mandy has provided ongoing support through any blips and has gone above and beyond our expectations. Our consultation with Mandy has been invaluable and I couldn’t recommend her more highly. My only regret is that I didn’t pick up the phone and seek her advice sooner!  (March 2020)

“Things have been difficult because my daughter shows signs of stress and anger and my son is distractible and impulsive. Mandy has helped me with managing both my children in a calm way; her methods work really well to improve things when used consistently. I tell all my friends they need a Mandy in their life and I do feel very fortunate to have found her.”

“Mandy, after our phone consultation I feel I’m falling in love all over again with ….(my son)… I’m not so stressed because I finally know what to do. It’s so empowering.

He’s responding very well so far. I can’t ever thank you enough.”

‘‘Dear Mandy,

We just wanted to express our great thanks to you for all you’ve done – both for …(our daughter)…. and us over the course of this very strange year. You’ve made us feel calm and supported. You’ve gone above and beyond, helping us in our home life and helping …(our daughter)… in her school setting. Most importantly you’ve helped us understand our daughter (our little ball of energy!) and for that we’ll be forever grateful..’’

December 2020

“Mandy Stopard is exceptional. Her help and advice has been life changing for us.

She talks to you as a parent, something most healthcare professionals don’t do; she doesn’t assume to know your child better than you do, and really fosters a two-way working relationship.

The other thing that makes Mandy stand out from the rest is her after care help. She doesn’t simply write a report and that’s the end of it. She offers FaceTime help, for you and any teachers,carers involved in your child’s life and also a What’s App group , so we could text her any time with any question.

This made a great difference to us. I couldn’t recommend Mandy enough. 5 out of 5 for an all round experience with Mandy.”

“Thank you so much for coming out despite the long journey and helping us get back on track. It really helped us to re-focus and re-gain the confidence needed to follow a behaviour plan through from start to finish. It’s really worked and friends have commented on, not just how much happier […] seems but also how much happier I am too. Our depressing sleepless nights are becoming a distant memory.

I can’t believe how out of sync things became and how much it affected everything. I really feel we’ve got our little girl back.

Thanks again for helping us out and finding the solutions we needed to move forward. I really appreciate it.”

“Throughout my professional life I’ve been trained and nurtured, mentored and upskilled; but as a mother, I felt that I was suddenly expected to intuitively know and possess the skills needed. Now I realise that just like in our professional lives, parents do need mentoring, guidance and some updating of skills! And that it is perfectly OK to admit that. In fact, maybe we owe it to each other.

The hardest part is asking for help and Mandy made that first, seemingly huge step so easy. She relaxed me straight away, without pointing a finger or being accusatory. In our first session Mandy pointed out the possible areas where I’ve not been totally ‘on the ball’ as a parent….but she did so in the kindest possible way, always understanding my personal situation and then suggesting solutions based on my and my 6 year old’s needs and personalities.

Knowing that the solutions are tailor-made for our family and home, made them so much easier to follow-through with. I bit the bullet after our first meeting and stuck with the new plan religiously for three weeks. Mandy warned me that it would be a difficult week of time-outs and of lavishing positive attention for positive or ‘wanted’ behavopers – it was certainly a challenge. But I had so many tips from Mandy…both from each session and in the helpful follow up emails she sent me; I never felt alone in this undertaking.

I am so very pleased to have met Mandy and even more proud of myself for having taken that first brave step when I openly admitted that I wasn’t coping with my son’s behaviour. From that day forward I have felt more confident as a parent…and have felt so relieved to know that I’m not alone. Thank you Mandy for teaching me the skills to get my family back on track. It is a work in progress, but we are already so much happier now. “

“…It is a lot down to confidence and I get that from knowing what to do and feeling that the ways you’ve shown me would work. So I will persist – so glad you came yesterday to give us both a push. I can’t thank you enough – our lives have been transformed in the last few weeks and that is mainly down to your coaching”

“Mandy has positively changed my relationship with my 4.5 year old. Bedtime has been a struggle as a newly divorced mother I was overcompensating for this by letting my daughter run the bedtime routine. A total shift in balance of authority was needed. The unthinkable was achieved . I live far away but Mandy and I communicated via email and text messages. Together we cracked the nightmare that was night time in 3-5 nights.

I have the utmost appreciation for her guidance and support . I will gladly highly recommend her and the service she offers.”

“Mandy came to see us to help with our challenging 3.5 yr old, we felt we had lost control and dreaded going out, or people coming to the house. Mandy was very quick to understand our son and his needs and relate to us as a family. She helped us regain control and confidence in dealing with difficult situations. She gave us practical strategies which have had a really positive impact. Mandy not only has a wealth of experience and knowledge, she also always made us feel comfortable when discussing difficult issues.

We cannot recommend Mandy highly enough, she has turned things around for us and put us, as a family, back on track.”

“My husband and I are very satisfied with the service you provided for us. I don’t like to think of it as ‘service’- that makes it sound so clinical bearing in mind you were helping us with our son.

You explained the issues in a way that nobody has done before with any of the interventions we have previously had. This immediately took some stress away as we were able to understand how he saw & understood things for the first time. From our first meeting and your very quick email response, we were able to adjust our behaviour and see benefits.

Your approach made it comfortable and easy to talk to you (even if I found it difficult sometimes) and I always knew what we would be working on next session. Your written responses and tips would be received the same day as the meeting so we could ‘strike while the iron was hot’!

We have gone from not wanting to go on a family holiday again ever to actually being excited about trying to plan something this year for the week we have off in August. We now feel we have understanding to take into consideration how ….(our son)…. sees things and have the tools to deal with it.

You have been very supportive of us as parents and this has given us the confidence (Positive Pie!).

My husband and I are very happy to recommend your services.”

‘We have used lots of strategies and ideas from our chats with you. I would recommend you to anyone else struggling as we had reached a real low point and just unloading allowed us to be more objective in dealing with the situation.

The huge tantrums are few and far between and never on the same scale that they were when we saw you. I have seen a general improvement and greater maturity in my son’ (Longer-term feedback on the impact of Mandy’s work 9 months after completion)

 ‘Our son has Asperger’s Syndrome and has struggled with serious anxiety issues, especially with being left at night time. Sleep issues were a major problem for us. Our son would have meltdowns if we

left him to sleep in his own bed. Mandy worked with us to reduce anxiety, helping us to adjust the way we managed him and supporting us to take small step towards a resolution. We are now in a much better place and our son sleeps in his own bed without fuss; he is generally a lot calmer in all areas of his life because of the changes we have made with Mandy’s support.’

‘I would urge anyone who is struggling with any aspect of parenting to contact Mandy as we found her advice to be truly life changing, we only wish that we had contacted her sooner!

My husband and I had been struggling with our two boys for a while and eventually admitted to ourselves that we needed to get some help. From the initial phone call we found Mandy to be understanding, warm and totally non-judgemental. We both felt that she truly understood our concerns and our boys! Her approach to dealing with children is one of intelligence, empathy and common sense.  We found that we had a lot of ‘Aha’ moments, where we would describe an issue and Mandy would explain the reasons why our boys would behave in a certain way and what we could do to resolve it; every single piece of advice worked.

One of the most effective methods was concentrating on praise rather than negative behaviour and using a money jar to reaffirm this, the impact was instant. We are now roughly 6 months in and I can honestly say that we are a much happier and calmer family for finding Mandy.’

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