Mandy Stopard

Child behaviour specialist

About Us

I have a proven track record of gaining success in changing behaviour. I have a wealth of experience, and my advice is based on positive and respectful management of children with appropriate boundary setting.

  • I am parent and a qualified teacher
  • I have taught for over 30 years
  • I have had experience as a Head of House and manager in an SEN department
  • I worked in two Local Authorities as a Behaviour Advisory Teacher
  • I am trained (and have provided training) in a range of behaviour-related areas, including ASD, Attachment Disorder and ADHD
  • I attended certificated courses on coaching and motivational interviewing
  • I achieved an additional qualification: ‘Specialist Leader in Behaviour and Attendance’ (City and Guilds Level 4)
  • I have supported and advised adults (school staff and parents) to manage the behaviour of children and teenagers (4-16 years)
  • and I have worked with young people to develop their emotional and social skills