Mandy Stopard

Child behaviour specialist

My Experience and Approach to Child Behaviour Support

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I have a proven track record of gaining success in changing behaviour. I have a wealth of experience, and my advice is based on positive and respectful management of children with appropriate boundary setting.

  • I am parent and a qualified teacher
  • I have taught for over 30 years
  • I have had experience as a Head of House and manager in an SEN department
  • I’ve worked in two Local Authorities as a Behaviour Advisory Teacher
  • I am trained (and provide training) in a range of behaviour-related areas, including ASD, Attachment Disorder and ADHD
  • I have attended certificated courses on coaching and motivational interviewing
  • I have an additional qualification: ‘Specialist Leader in Behaviour and Attendance’ (City and Guilds Level 4)
  • I support and advise adults (school staff and parents) to manage the behaviour of children and teenagers (4-16 years)
  • and I work with young people to develop their emotional and social skills

"Mandy is a revelation! ... She works alongside you, coaching and guiding in a supportive way to empower you ... Mandy helps you to develop a range of strategies to meet your and your child's needs - she knows that one size doesn't fit all!'"

Headteacher of an Academy Primary School.​

Questions? Contact Mandy

I provide parenting support to parents across the UK. Please get in touch to talk through your needs and for a quote.

How to get children to say sorry and mean it…

Children who have shown some difficult and unpleasant behaviour will often dig their heels in and refuse to apologise or they may say sorry in a perfunctory way just to get on with their day and get the adult ‘off their back’. Needless to say, this is usually because they aren’t sorry at all. They are still emotional and unrepentant.