Mandy Stopard

Child behaviour specialist

How I Work With Schools

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  • Full assessment of children and young people with challenging behaviour
This consists of observations, meetings with key staff members, a parent/carer and the pupil/student (Y5-11). A follow-up feedback meeting with staff will develop a learning and behaviour plan (allow 4- 6 hours’ work per pupil-this can be done in one visit)
  • Consistent management plan for a pupil with challenging behaviour
Support to implement a positive plan across school practitioners and parents. Sharing of evidence-based strategies to bring clarity to difficult situations, and give more confidence to everyone involved. (allow 6-10 hours)
  • Coaching of NQTs/RQTs/ other classroom practitioners
Observations and supportive conversations with staff members who would like to develop their practice to improve pupil behaviour and engagement, increasing time on task in their classrooms (allow 6 hours’ work on separate visits)
  • Pupil coaching
A series of 6 solution focused 1 to 1 meetings for pupils from Years 5-11 who require motivation to improve their learning and/or specialised support to develop their ability to manage feelings. A small proportion of Mandy’s time is also spent advising staff after coaching sessions (allow 6 hours per pupil)
  • Parent Coaching
A series of sessions with parents to support them to improve their child’s behaviour and school engagement (6 separate meetings)
  • Parent workshops
Groups of parents share ‘what works’ with behaviour. A chance to develop positive and assertive techniques to calm the home environment and promote consistency across home and school.
  • Training/workshops for school staff on a range of behaviour related issues, including managing the needs of ASD, ADHD, attachment– for small groups and whole staff
  • Whole school staff sessions to review and develop behaviour for learning policy and practice

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I provide parenting support to parents across the UK. Please get in touch to talk through your needs and for a quote.

Smoother Routines

Children’s behaviour often causes concern when there is a need to get out of the house, get ready for bed or complete any series of tasks.