How I Work With Parents across North Somerset, and beyond

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COVID-19: update of support for parents

In the current COVID-19 crisis with families sometimes in need of advice about behaviour, managing relationships within the family and motivating children to do school work, I am offering remote consultations by email, phone and WhatsApp face-to-face meetings.

Please contact me for more details.

Behaviour issues support for parents across North Somerset, Weston-super-Mare, and beyond

I provide child behaviour support in North Somerset, including Weston Super Mare, Bristol and further afield.

  • I’ll meet with parents in their own home.
  • Each session is normally an hour and a quarter long, though the first consultation may last up to two hours
  • Up to 6 regular sessions may be required
  • Most sessions consist of talking through issues; jointly finding solutions and planning a way forward. I provide both practical and emotional support
  • I may want to meet your child, but most sessions are with the parent(s)
  • In between sessions I am able to provide support over email and on the phone
  • Groups of parents can be catered for

Please contact me for more information and details of fees.

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How I Work With Parents across North Somerset, and beyond

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I provide parenting support across North Somerset, covering Weston Super Mare, Bristol and further afield. Please get in touch to talk through your needs and for a quote.

5 Ways to Stay Calm when Your Child Is ‘Pushing Your Buttons’

Getting annoyed or reacting emotionally when a child or teenager is being difficult actually makes things worse in the long run because many youngsters will aim for any attention, even if it’s negative, and the attention of a good ‘telling off’ strengthens unwanted behaviours.