Mandy Stopard

Child behaviour specialist

Child behaviour support for Parents Online and over the phone

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Online and phone support

As a result of the pandemic, I have developed my ‘remote’ consultation offer.

My key intervention:

  • 3 consultations (phone/WhatsApp/Zoom) of an hour and a quarter per call; these are usually around 2 weeks apart
  • I provide emailed notes of my advice following each call
  • If required I answer questions and provide further email advice between calls (up to 3 detailed responses)

Before the first consultation, I ask for an email outlining 2 or 3 behavioural incidents from trigger to the endpoint with the response from the parent/carer(s). I ask for a summary of any relevant background information, including a note of how the child behaves in other settings

My advice is based on positive preventative techniques, calm setting of boundaries and assertive, mild-mannered follow through – proven strategies that work well as long as parents can be consistent and persistent.

Please find testimonials here from parents, including those who have consulted me remotely.

Home visits for child behaviour issues

During ‘normal times’ home consultations can be offered in the Bristol and Somerset area. My key intervention is a series of 3 visits scheduled 2 weeks apart. Please find parent testimonials here…

I will notify you on this site when home visits are reinstated.

How I Work With Parents across North Somerset, and beyond

Questions? Contact Mandy

I provide parenting support to parents across the UK. Please get in touch to talk through your needs and for a quote.

Helping Your Kids Stay Positive & Calm

For those youngsters (and adults) who struggle to be calm, rational, positive and keep things in perspective, the following techniques are worth a try. They are proven to be effective in reducing anxiety, stress and low mood.