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About the book…

Naughty Step Alternatives is a light, visual read designed to support parents who are looking for straightforward, accessible and authoritative guidance on managing their children’s ‘bothersome’ behaviour. Focusing on the everyday situations where difficult behaviour occurs, this book is packed with advice on:

  • preventing bad behaviour becoming a problem in the first place
  • managing the bothersome behaviour once it’s started
  • teaching children to cope better next time around.

‘Naughty Step Alternatives is great! It’s perfect for parents who are busy or maybe sleep deprived and struggling – they can dip in and out easily. I like the way it has been presented in snippets and the illustrations support the advice brilliantly.

It has done a good job of refreshing my memory about all the advice given in our sessions. The techniques definitely help to calm things down and my daughter, in particular, has been easier to parent since I put the advice into practice.’

Feedback from one of Mandy’s customers after reading ‘Naughty Step Alternatives’

‘This brilliant guide offers practical advice for handling common situations when children are likely to misbehave. It explains what parents can do to prevent troublesome behaviour from happening in the first place, as well as offering ways to handle situations when difficulties do occur. The cartoons are excellent and make the book easy to read, or to dip into. The book is great as it doesn’t get bogged down in parenting theory, yet does give plenty of insight as to why children might behave the way they do (e.g. anxiety, emotional regulation skills), which really helps you understand how you can help your children grow in a positive way.’

Feedback from one of Mandy’s customers after reading ‘Naughty Step Alternatives’

How to order…

Ordering directly from Mandy

The total cost for ordering direct from Mandy is £11.99. (The cost of the book is £9.99 and postage and packing is £2.00). 

To order from Mandy just get in touch using the form at the bottom of the page.

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Tips for Whingers and Whiners

Sometimes whingey behaviour can be partly a sign of upset due to feeling under the weather or otherwise emotionally or physically uncomfortable. There may be some difficulty with expressing what is really wrong.