Mandy Stopard

Child behaviour specialist

Behaviour Issues in Secondary School Aged Children

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Older children and teenagers up to 16, under the influence of a wider circle of people for the first time, often complain they are unjustly treated like two year olds. They have hormones raging around their bodies which can contribute to mood swings and other problem behaviours. It is common for them to give a good impression of not wanting you around and resenting everything you do. Reluctance to tow the line is also a feature of teenage behaviour, and rudeness can cause family disharmony. All this after parents were congratulating themselves during the primary school phase on bringing up a well-balanced child!

Teenagers require consistency but flexibility, boundaries set in a non-patronising way and a listening, non-judgmental ear whilst parents retain the ability to say ‘no’. This is tricky parenting time!

Mandy has worked with teenagers for many a long year. The need to build a relationship and value them as emerging adults is crucial. They feel extreme sensitivity at what they perceive as being put –down—don’t we all!

Mandy can help you start a positive but firm dialogue if things have gone pear-shaped with your secondary school aged child.

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‘When…. then…..’: a positive way of gaining cooperation

The ‘when…then….’ strategy is a way of gaining cooperation from your child. When they have done as asked they get something they want. It’s a positive consequence for cooperative behaviour and works more effectively than taking something away in a negative fashion.