Mandy Stopard

Child behaviour specialist

Toddler Troubles: Behaviour Issues in Toddlers

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The wilful toddler is a sight to behold in full demanding flow in the supermarket with the embarrassed and harassed looking parents wishing the time away; if not praying for the toddler years to be at an end, at least that day to be finished and the little angel tucked up safely in bed!

The 3 year old bad behaviour can be trying as little ones learn that they can have an impact in this world and try on independence for size. In their mission to gain immediate gratification they become frustrated. They usually lack understanding and the skills to cope in an annoying world which doesn’t necessarily revolve around them all the time. If we’re not careful they learn faulty ways of getting what they want and occasionally the foundations are laid for behavioural issues in later childhood. They need patience, compassion, teaching how to manage themselves and for parents to gently and firmly set and hold the boundary rope. But effective communication with children is easier said than done!

Mandy limped through the toddler stage with her own kids and it was a struggle. She now, with the benefit of hindsight, and some training under her belt, advises parents who are tearing their hair out or breathing an exhausted sigh of relief when each day is done!


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