Mandy Stopard

Child behaviour specialist

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Support

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a condition which causes long-term, significant restlessness, impulsivity and often slow development of social, emotional and organisational skills.

Children and teenagers with ADHD need managing with a great deal of patience. They require skills to be taught which other children pick up naturally. Positive support is essential to enhance their self-esteem.

How I Can Help

I have many years’ experience of teaching and supporting in the field of ADHD. I’ve worked with children and young people who have had statements of SEN, those who have been prescribed ADHD medication, and youngsters with milder traits. I’ve also supported adults to effectively manage children with this condition, thus improving family life and leading to better outcomes at school.

I’m offering support sessions to adults (parents/carers/school staff) to manage and improve the behaviour of the child/teenager with ADHD-type behaviours, whether there has been a diagnosis or there are strong traits with no formal diagnosis.

I also offer direct work for young people with ADHD to support them with managing their feelings, improve their behaviour and cope more effectively with school and relationships.

Some traits of ADHD:

Children with ADHD will struggle to focus, though may settle to certain activities that capture the imagination.

They find it harder than other children of the same age to think about the consequences of their actions and don’t ‘look before leaping’.

It will be a struggle to listen and attend to others, so forming relationships can be a challenge

In addition, difficulties with managing feelings and remaining calm may lead other children to find them unpredictable and the ‘wide-berth’ given to children with ADHD can leave them feeling isolated.

Concentrating on instructions and sitting still can be a real challenge and negative experiences at school may add to the lack of confidence.

Getting distracted, being unable to follow instructions and other behavioural issues can cause chaos in the family especially when there is a morning or homework routine to follow, or other family pressures to contend with

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