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Why Supernanny Worked: the Benefits of One-To-One Child Behaviour Coaching


When Supernanny graced our TV screens with her firm but fair approach to dealing with disruptive behaviour from children, she showed parents two things: one, they’re not the only ones struggling with children with behaviour problems, and two, this poor behaviour can be improved.

Jo Frost tackled some extremely challenging child behaviour, but no matter how unruly the kids were, she always managed to curb their seemingly impossible behaviour. A combination of observing, coaching the parents and getting to know the children and parents as individuals allowed her to identify key issues and devise a personalised strategy to help the family overcome their problems.

But the edited result we all watched on TV can make the process look easier than it really is. Parents try to mimic Supernanny’s approach to their own family home, or take to the internet to get other parenting advice and strategies to try themselves. However, they often end up with poor or no results at all.

Why General Advice isn’t Always Helpful

For parents at a loss of what to do when their children are behaving badly, the Internet can seem like a godsend. There is an abundance of information available that offers advice, guidance and theories to parents struggling with their child’s behaviour. In theory, the advice makes perfect sense, and should be easy to apply, but it can be very hard to see results from these changes.

Let’s put it into perspective. Understanding the theory of Tennis is one thing, but theory alone won’t equip anyone who attempts to play an actual game. So in theory, Internet advice should help parents, but without the knowledge of how to successfully apply proposed changes, parents often see their attempts fail. This can also damage their confidence as well as antagonise disruptive children further.

It’s for this reason that investing in a child behaviour expert like Supernanny is far more likely to improve your child’s behaviour.

The Benefit of External Eyes

When you’re living in it, it’s hard to distinguish what could be contributing to behaviour issues in your family home. External eyes are better at identifying issues that you might not be able to recognise. For example, a behaviour or routine that seems normal to you might be contributing to your child’s distress, but as that routine is so deep-seated, it can be near impossible to change without someone bringing it your attention.

By observing all aspects of your home life, an outside expert can help you understand some of the changes you can make and explain the reasons behind them in relation to your family. Generic advice found on the Internet isn’t adapted to your situation; therefore applying it to an unknowingly volatile or difficult situation won’t reap the results you want.

Understanding You and Your Child as an Individual

Another important aspect that general child behaviour advice neglects is fundamental: Your child as an individual and you as individual parents.

All families are different, and although reasons for bad child behaviour might be grouped into common causes, both your child’s and your personality will require a personal approach to ensure success when trying to curb bad behaviour.

A child behaviour expert can examine the interaction between the parents and children and identify where the behaviour is coming from. This could be:

  • Attention seeking
  • Anxiety
  • Rigidity
  • Immaturity
  • A mixture of the above

Once these are identified, it’s much easier to work with children and parents to make changes that will cater for them exclusively. Following advice that has no insight to these issues could result in failure, as it’s tackling a broader issue that can’t be managed without identifying these aspects first.

Coaching and Support For Parents

Ever tried going on a diet or quitting smoking? It’s hard. You have to actively train your brain so that eventually the changes become so natural to you, you don’t even think about it. But this takes time, and on a bad day it’s easy to slip up and fall back into old ways.

Supernanny worked very closely with parents, coaching them and supporting them into forming new habits that would go on to build the foundations for a healthier family home. Having someone on your side coaching you and supporting you makes it easier to make and stick to changes. For example, you’re far more likely to get in shape if you have a personal trainer guiding you and reaffirming why you’re trying to make the change when it gets hard.

Without this coaching and support, it can be difficult to stick to new boundaries and rules in the family home when you first try to introduce them. Articles online are full of great ideas that may seem easy to apply, but it reality can be more challenging.

Consistency is key with children, and if you’re applying changes on good days and slipping back into old patterns on bad ones, you’ll end up confusing your children, potentially impacting their behaviour further.

Child Behaviour Coaching With Mandy Stopard

The combination of personalisation, coaching and knowledge is what allowed Supernanny to transform the behaviour of extremely disruptive children. As an audience, we saw how her presence and expertise led so many families to live happier lives.

I offer the same service right here in the South West of England. I’m an experienced child behaviour expert and have worked with many children and teenagers with a huge range of behaviour issues. I provide one-to-one, customised coaching and work with parents to put together a plan that will aim to reduce a child’s need to behave in challenging ways. I’ll help you make changes in your family life and help you stick to them, leading to happier children and happier parents.

Get in touch with me today on 07881293180 or email me at We can have a no-obligation chat about your family and discuss how we can work together to improve home life for everyone in your family. You can also read more about my experience and approach and look at what other parents and schools have said about me in my testimonials.

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Contact me today, I have a proven track record of gaining success in changing behaviour. I have a wealth of experience, and my advice is based on positive and respectful management of children with appropriate boundary setting.
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